International Program

 School curriculum


     It is a course for professionals. For those who want to open a dog shop or who want to be a groomer for dogs. The course of the Dog2home is a 30-day course of 5 hours per day starting from 12.00 am to 5.00 pm  Focus on learning by doing real dog every day.


(Throughout the course. There are free school supplies.) 


      What will you get? 

            - Learn to grooming and how to taking care of dogs. 

            - Learn how to opening or doing business.

            - Get free !! Learn Dog Color and Dog Spa

            - Voucher for Dog grooming tools.

            - We will pick you up at the airport / take you to the airport 

            - Received a certificate from the Dog2home institution after graduation.

            - Becoming a Professional Dog Groomer


All of this is available at Dog2home only. Price is 10,000 baht. 


Call  +6690-994-8151  (Mr.Tawan Taradolrattanakron)  

LINE : 0909948151 

24 Hours